Unlock the world of digital hair styling with our comprehensive tutorials!

Dive into the art of braiding with our interactive tutorial videos. This isn't just any tutorial - you'll learn how to create an extra full look and most importantly, you'll master the art of creating different styles. You'll get to know what braiding hair was used, and how many strands of curls I feed in on each line.  So, are you ready to level up your hair game? Let's do this! Enjoy!




1. Quality Assurance: We provide high-quality hair bundles, ensuring your final look is as stunning as possible.

2. Color Variety: The bundles include 2 dark colors and 3 different lighter colors, giving you the perfect range for a 4-tone ombré look.

3. Ease: No need to hunt for the right hair or colors - we've done the work for you.

4. Surprise Gift: Each package comes with a surprise gift, adding an extra touch of excitement to your hair styling journey.

5. Practice: The provided bundles give you the opportunity to practice the techniques taught in the tutorial before applying them to your own hair or a client's hair.



1. Flexibility: You have the freedom to use the hair of your choice, whether it's based on texture, color, or personal preference.

2. Skill Development: Learn how to create a stunning 4-tone ombré look, a skill that can be applied to various hairstyles.

3. Personalization: You can adapt the techniques taught in the tutorial to suit your own style or the preferences of your clients.

4. Convenience: You can learn at your own pace and in your own time, making it a perfect fit for busy schedules.